The wines that made it. The secrets of our selection.Wine Russian House

A huge wave of popularity has reached the shores of private wine shops. More and more people prefer offline and online boutiques with a limited selection to huge supermarkets, and that is for a reason!

First, the tradition of buying wines in special shops comes from France, where wine is not just a drink but a cult. A true Frenchman never goes to the supermarket to get a new bottle for the dinner.
Second, it is a better range of items. While large chains sell everything in order to reach a wider audience, private shops focus on really good products to meet the requirements of experienced wine lovers.
Third, it’s the opportunity to get a recommendation and choose the most suitable bottle for the occasion – depending on your budget, preferences, and meals.

🔴 We, at Wine Russian House, are proud to offer the best selection of Russian winemaking. We visit all wineries ourselves, talk to the owners, taste the product, and decide which kinds are worth making it to the virtual shelves of our shop. But what factors influence our choice?

1. Premium quality.
Our main strategy is not to sell but to share. We are happy to let the European customers explore the different aspects of wine and discover new and interesting products made in the south of Russia – where the climate is mild and warm and very close to the weather conditions in Bordeaux.

2. Grape varieties.
We value traditions and are eager to learn more about wine. That is why we offer both popular grape varieties, like 100% Cabernet Franc from Myskhako winery, and unusual kinds of vines that are not typical for the European winemakers, like Likuria Rkatsiteli wine with PGI. Regardless of your preference, you will be able to find the wine that suits your taste.

3. New approach to winemaking.
We believe that the Old World is in desperate need of an injection of novelty. Russian wineries are not known outside the borders of the country, yet they are really worth attention. At Wine Russian House, we aim to bring a change to the world of wine consumption.

Everyone knows that good wine is quite costly. Our range of goods can please you both with the quality and the price. From 8 euro for a bottle of sparkling wine and 13 euro for dry red Shiraz – seems like a fair price tag for a great product!