Steak and good wine are an ideal option for ending a long and busy week!Wine Russian House

However, pairing them together can be quite tricky. Most people believe that steak goes well with dry red wine, but two questions are arising from this rule:

  1. Which type of grapes should you choose?
  2. Which type of steak pairs well with wine?

And what does exactly “a good wine” for steak mean? How it should be paired? Today, we are revealing some secrets of the magnificent meal.


Red wines contain different amounts of tannin – the component that gives the drink its dry taste and balances the fatness of meat. The flavors of the steak can acquire new colors with a glass of proper wine, and your experience will be memorable. When cooking a fatty steak like ribeye, for example, it’s better to buy a more tannin wine.

Grapes variety.

There are actually dozens of great combinations to enjoy, as the steak can be prepared differently. The universal choice for any kind of red meat is Malbec. Another great option is Cabernet Sauvignon: at Wine Russian House, you can find 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from SORT winery. The pleasant velvety tannins and bright fruity aromas will make your evening wonderful.


However, it’s a bit more complicated than selecting a wine for steak according to the grape variety. The age of wine matters too. If you’re not a lover of raw meat and prefer to eat your steak well-done, we recommend going for earthy wines (or the ones that were aging longer). Here’s a little secret from wine collectors: you can buy your bottles while the wine is still quite young and keep them for several years.

All the rules of pairing are not obligatory, as the tastes of two persons cannot be the same. The best advice we can give is to try different options and choose the best match for you. Wine Russian house can help you with that: you can choose a selection of 6 different bottles on our website and serve each of them, depending on the purpose and choice of meal.