Getting ready for a picnic in the park!Wine Russian House

Summer is a lazy period when we want to enjoy life to its fullest! Obviously, that means spending a vacation, wearing bright and light clothing, and cook simple dishes. What can be better than making a picnic in the park with your family or friends?

Soft grass, rays of the sun, people you love… and a bottle of good wine! Yes, going for a picnic, it’s important to think about refreshments.

Here’s our ideal plan for a perfect get together at the park:

  1. Take a large blanket and a basket (the details create an atmosphere)
  2. Prepare snacks and light meals.
  3. Stock enough water for everyone.
  4. Take a bottle of wine and glasses.
  5. Don’t forget about napkins, sunscreen, and corkscrew.


If you’re going to visit a restaurant in the evening or come back home for a nourishing meal, an aperitif is a great choice as well. Getting ready for it is as simple as ABC. Prepare nuts, cherry tomatoes, radishes, olives, breadsticks, mini toasts or baguette, favorite ham, or light salads like Caprese or melon + ham. Pair these snacks with a bottle of rose: sparkling wine “Cuvee” aged by Myshako winery will be a great choice. Visit Wine Russian House shop and order your rose now!


Want to have a real meal instead of a handful of nuts? Cook something light and fresh! Our top preferences for the summer are

– Greek Salad (sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, green bell pepper, red onion, olives, and feta cheese)

– French salad with tuna (baby potatoes, canned tuna, beans, black olives, boiled eggs, tomatoes, lettuce and a bit of lemon dressing)

As these dishes originate from the Mediterranean seaside, be sure to add olive oil as well! Pair them with a bottle of Riesling Sauk-Dere by Lefkadia Valley winery that you can find in stock on Wine Russian House website!

What are your favorite pastimes this summer? Have you been on a picnic already?