The Secrets of Sparkling Wines and Top Mouthwatering Pairings.Wine Russian House

Sparkling wines are traditionally associated with a festive mood. What can be more joyful than the loud pop of the cork coming out of the bottle, right? However, there's more to sparkling wine than just bubbles. It's one of the best drinks for any occasion - party, dinner, aperitif, or picnic.

Although the most famous and expensive kind - champagne - is produced strictly in one region of France, the geography is effervescent wines is vast - from Napa Valley in California to the coasts of the Russian south. Sparkling wines are produced from the top favorite grape varieties - Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, or Pinot Meunier.

By the way, can you name the two countries that are the global leaders of sparkling wine consumption? Italy and France, you think? Oh no, that's not true! Germans drink more sparkling wines than anyone else in the world, and Russia takes second place! While Germany cannot boast to have large territories for cultivating vines, the production of Russian winemaking can be purchased directly from Wine Russian House. We have a premium quality selection of sparkling wines from the best winemakers in the country and every kind has been selected by us personally.

Getting familiar with this drink, it's essential to know about classification:

• Extra brut: very dry
• Brut: dry
• Demi-sec: pretty sweet

Brut is the most famous and widespread kind of effervescent wine. Due to its acidity, it's a perfect choice for many occasions and meals. It pairs well with numerous dishes. For example, Brut goes well with fruits and desserts, fried chicken, or salted dishes. And if you choose Brut white from Myskhako winery made from 100% Chardonnay in our shop, you can enjoy it with hard cheeses as well. The white flowers and ripe apple in the nose will be a perfect addition to any summer evening!

On the other hand, sparkling wine was invented to make aperitifs bright and remarkable. It pairs well with light salty snacks, popcorn, or nuts. If you want to add a hint of festivity to your get-together with friends or family, brut pink from Myskhako winery, which is available on our website, is a great choice! And of course, don't forget to serve the drink cold! A bucket with ice and salt will do the job!
Have a nice and bubbly tasting!